Saturday, July 23, 2011

A tall glass of milk.....

Would be perfect to go with these!

The man and I picked up some of the Bob's Red Mill baking mixes the other day during our shopping trip.  He picked them out and we got the brownie mix and the chocolate chip cookie mix to test out.

I've tried these in the past, when I went gluten free the first time around and I wasn't impressed.  They had a very distinct bean flavor that I absolutely hated, and I actually threw the whole batch out.  I don't know if Bob's has changed up their flour mix, or if my taste buds have just become more accustomed to the "gluten free flavors" but I'm pleased to report that they're definitely not the same thing I tried five years ago.

I was going to test out the brownie mix first, but with the great vanilla explosion that happened during the move, I didn't have the required ingredients.  So, I tried out the chocolate chip cookies instead and I'm super glad that I did.  They are absolutely AMAZING!

They were easy to make and only require three ingredients.  All you did is cream a stick of butter (or smart balance), add an egg and two tablespoons of water, and mix in the flour mix.

The dough was just as the back of the package stated, a bit dry, but it came together once you shaped it.  I did make my cookies a bit smaller than recommended, closer to 1 inch in diameter rather than 1 1/2 inches.  I think they were perfect this size and cooked exactly in the time recommended.

After that, just pop them in the oven and wait (not so) patiently......  The package recommends that you let them cool for five minutes, and that is an absolute must.  These cookies did not look or feel done when I pulled them out, but after letting them cool for a full five minutes on the pan, I realized that they were baked just right.  They held their shape but were still deliciously soft.

Time for that tall glass of milk and a taste test!  Ignore my coca-cola glass....

I am so completely amazed by the fluffy texture of these that I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get in my homemade cookies.  The flavor was perfect too, a little hint of vanilla, the chocolate, and just enough hint of the flours to taste like a REAL cookie.  There was absolutely no overwhelming bean taste to these at all.  My only, and I do mean only complaint was that I would have liked a few more chocolate chips.  We had a couple cookies that actually came out with no chocolate chips in them at all.  I'm more than willing to overlook that one thing, because they did at least use semi-sweet chips instead of my hated milk chocolate chips!

Rating: *****

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